"Хрисков" ЕООД е консултантска компания работеща в сферата на съветване и управление на личните финанси и по-специално финансово осигуряване. Също така се занимаваме с консултиране при стартиране и развитие на нови бизнеси и внедряване на иновативни технологи и ИТ решения и дигитализиране на бизнесите и техните процеси за своите клиенти.

Business Development

When our customers has and idea but they cannot explain it or develop it, we could assist. We are adding clarity in our customers businesses and we assist them  to develop on next level in future theirs businesses.

Business Technologies

When our customers needs help with the technology or the digital world, or even they have an idea which need to be executed technically, we could assist in planning and execution or develop more deeply the conception.

Personal finances

We are creating individual finance plan which could make finance independance and calmness in your life if you follow it for next 3 years strictly. We can build plan for your future job leaving or retirement or starting you own company.

Trusted advisor,

Personal advises, Personal service

In "Hriskov"LTD we offer individual financial planning and business consulting services in the field of finance, insurance and retirement planning, we can assist and consult about investment or employee benefits and  soft skill trainings.

Our clients can receive individual, independent financials advices and a set of financial strategies custom tailored to their needs. Our range of clients includes, but is not limited to, business owners, non-profit organisations, individuals and families.

В последствие, можем да ви изградим или предложим готови ИТ / Бизнес решения, които да разширят вашия бизнес и да го направят по-ефективен и конкурентен.

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